Good Friday devotions

Today we spent time reflecting on Good Friday and the passion of Christ. As part of those reflections we used prayer stations to help us think and reflect – we even had a video projected onto the bare altar with a simple but powerful retelling of the Easter story.

Here are some of our other prayer stations for your reflection:

Ickleton Sunday School: explaining Lent

Paths in the desert

This Sunday’s session will focus on Lent and use some simple symbols, such as paths in the desert, to explain what Lent is and help us to think of its importance to Christians and its relevance to each of us our today.

As ever there will be a mix of stories, projects to make, reflection, discussion, prayer, activities and lots of fun, so that each child can explore our topic in a way that is meaningful to them.

Children aged 4 upwards are welcome. We’ll start in church and then move to the Social Club after the first hymn. We return before the last hymn for that all important opportunity to share what we’ve done with the whole congregation.

To join us: 10am, Sunday 5 March, Ickleton Church.

For more information on Sunday School contact Keena: