Good Friday devotions

Today we spent time reflecting on Good Friday and the passion of Christ. As part of those reflections we used prayer stations to help us think and reflect – we even had a video projected onto the bare altar with a simple but powerful retelling of the Easter story.

Here are some of our other prayer stations for your reflection:

Young people’s Easter craft day, Ickleton

The sun was shining and the children where in high spirits for our Easter craft day. Although we had low numbers of attendees we certainly had lots of fun and managed to pack in a huge number of activities. Some of these will act as prayer stations for our Good Friday devotions and everyone is welcome to drop in to Ickleton church between noon and 2.45pm on Good Friday (14th April 2017) to meditate and reflect on the children’s view of the Easter story.

You can see some of the crafts they produced here but before getting too excited you should know at all the tomb biscuits have been eaten!

Easter craft day for young people: 2nd April @ Ickleton

We have some great plans in place for the forthcoming Easter craft day. One of the things we’re planning to do is create a stained-glass window based on our wonderful wall paintings. We’re going to do a study of the last supper panel and discover some surprising things about the images we can just about see.

Please come along – if you only want to drop in for an hour you’ll be more than welcome.

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Craft day for young people at Ickleton: help us tell the Easter story

What is Easter all about? Chocolate, bunnies, eggs – right?

For Christians, Easter means a lot more than that. It’s when Jesus was abused, disowned, crucified and buried. We remember all those things at Easter but most importantly we remember that he rose again from the dead. We remember that he suffered and died for us to wash away our sins.

As a Christian mum, I find it hard to reconcile the Christian promise of Easter with the colourful, cuddly or chocolatey symbols presented to my children. It was this challenge that has, in part, inspired this craft day.

The other inspiration is that discussions with young people often lead to startling flashes of personal revelation. I see that in our Sunday school and want to share it with the wider congregation. Seeing things through children’s eyes is revealing!

So that’s the big idea. We are going to work with children to create craft installations about the Easter story. These installations will remain in church over the Easter period and be used as prayer stations for our devotions on Good Friday. A simple sharing of views that we hope will deepen our understanding.

How will the craft day work?

All children, aged 5 years an upwards, are welcome to join us at the craft day. It will start as part of our usual Sunday School at 10am on 2 April 2017 at Ickleton church. But instead of stopping after the service we’ll continue on until 3pm. Children and parents are welcome to attend the whole session or drop in for part of the day. It’s all very fluid!

Everyone is very welcome to drop-in to Ickleton church during Holy Week to view the craft installations. On Good Friday they will be used as prayer stations for meditation, prayer and reflection during our devotions from noon until 2.45pm.

How to sign up

To sign up for the whole day or part of the day contact Keena |