There are a number of ways in which you can get married in the churches of Hinxton, Ickleton and Duxford. These are described below in more detail.

  1. There are two ways of qualifying to be married here. Either you must be a resident of Hinxton, Ickleton or Duxford; or you must have a ‘qualifying connection’. A full list of qualifying connections can be found on the Church of England’s marriage webpage . They include, for example, one of you having been baptised or confirmed in one of the villages; one of you having been resident here for six months some time in the past; and one of you having attended services at the church where you want to get married for six months. But it’s worth having a look at the whole list.
  2. Having qualified in either way, you can then usually be married ‘under banns’, which means that the announcement of your wedding will be made for three weeks at the end of the ordinary Sunday service in the church where your wedding will be held.
  3. However, if either of you is a foreign national then you cannot be married under banns. Instead you must apply for a ‘Common Licence’. Details of common licences can be found here.
  4. If either of you have been married before, the Vicar has discretion over whether you will be allowed to get married in church here. You will need to be willing to come and talk to her, frankly and in confidence, about what went wrong with the previous marriage, and what you expect from this one.
  5. We can’t take the religion out of the service for you, and we’re sure you wouldn’t expect us to. There will be plenty of scope, in discussion with the vicar, for you to include poems and readings that are important to you, but by bringing your wedding into church you are asking for God’s blessing on it. You are saying that you want to make your promises to each other under God’s loving gaze.

Next steps:

Contact the Administrator on tel 01223 832137, or by email at

If you need to prove a qualifying connection, please download the ‘CEMM Application Form’ from the link below, fill in pages 29-35, and bring them along with you.

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