Communion services

The Eucharist, or Holy Communion, is  a central part of our Christian worship. The service remembers the Last Supper, where Jesus Christ shared bread and wine with his disciples, instructing them to do the same in memory of him. The wine symbolising Christ’s blood and the bread symbolising Christ’s body.

We hold a different styles of Eucharistic service across the three parishes.

Holy Communion Service (8am in various churches)

This service celebrates the Eucharist using the traditional Book of Common prayer. It is a quiet and structured service very familiar to long time church-goers.
8am | 1st Sundays of the month | Duxford
8am | 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month | Hinxton
8am | 3rd Sunday of the month | Ickleton

Parish Eucharist (10am in various churches)

This Holy Communion service is an adaptation of the Common Worship Eucharistic service which is more accessible.
10am | 1st Sunday of the month | Ickleton – with Sunday School
10am | 2nd Sunday of the month | Duxford – with Messy Church
10am | 3rd Sunday of the month | Hinxton

Informal Communion Service

These services contain the essential aspects of a traditional Holy Communion service but they are more informal and accessible, with simpler language and greater interaction. For example, they may be held ‘in-the-round’, use freshly baked bread instead of wafers or involve individuals sharing the bread and wine with each other. This is a great service for introducing Holy Communion to younger people or for people not so familiar with Anglican church tradition.

Feasts and Festivals

There are a number of occasions in the church calendar when special Eucharist services are celebrated to mark specific events such as Christmas and Easter.