Funerals and memorials

How to arrange a funeral in one of the three churches; what the rules are for the design of headstones and tablets; contact details for local undertakers

Churches are places to celebrate life’s joys, but they also provide somewhere to mark the end of life, and to mourn those we have lost. A funeral is a chance to give thanks for all that was good in a person’s life, and to celebrate it. It lets us gather up their story, and tell it to God and each other. It lets us say goodbye in a spirit of Christian hope. Where the sorrow is too sharp for celebration, or the parting too painful, or the life-story seems too hard to understand, a funeral can help us to place the burden into God’s unfailing care.

Your undertaker will explain your options, and liaise with the ministers of the parish, but the vicar will always talk through with you what you want. The following is just an outline of the main decisions you will be taking.


  •  Anyone who lives in the three parishes is entitled to have one of the ministers take the service
  • You can choose between burial or cremation
  • Only Hinxton churchyard has space for burials, but Duxford and Ickleton have parish cemeteries
  • Funerals can be held at the three churches or at a crematorium
  • You can have a church funeral followed by a committal at the crematorium
  • After a cremation, there can be a Memorial Service in church
  • Later on, you can choose to have the ashes interred in one of the churchyards

The Service

  •  The Church of England has three authorised funeral services
  • Texts of the services can be found here (Common Worship) and here (Book of Common Prayer)
  • There is always space for a tribute, eulogy or speech
  • There must always be a reading from the Bible (which the vicar is happy to help you choose)
  • But there can also be poems or other readings
  • And you can choose music which expresses something important about the person who has died

Headstones and Tablets

  • Headstones are for burials, tablets are for burials of ashes
  • At least six months must pass before a headstone is erected
  • Quite strict rules govern the design of both kinds of grave marker
  • Your undertaker and the Vicar will be able to advise you

Churchyards open for burials

  • Duxford: burial of ashes only
  • Hinxton: churchyard open for both burials and burial of ashes
  • Ickleton: burial of ashes only

Useful Links

Local Undertakers