Activities exploring the Bible and faith

As well as various services of worship and prayer, we also offers activities where we actively question and explore faith and Christianity. These activities do not have a set pattern so check the this week’s services list or the calendar for details. Some examples of our regular activities are listed below.

Community Bible Study

These regular meetings for non-church goers and church goers are focused on exploring different Bible texts, analysing their meaning and their relevance to our world today. The sessions are held weekly during term time – check the calendar for date, time and location.

Daytime Bible Study

An informal Bible study for those who want to get to know the Bible better and grow in faith.  Although current attendees are mostly young Mums who were confirmed as adults, anyone is welcome to attend. Meets fortnightly.

Confirmation Classes

‘Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey at which you affirm for yourself the faith into which you have been baptized and your intention to live a life of committed discipleship.’ Church of England website. We run confirmation courses for adults and children when they are ready to take this new step forward to affirm their faith and commitment.