New vicar announced for Hinkledux

The Bishop of Ely is pleased to announce the appointment of Rev Petra Shakeshaft as Priest in Charge for Duxford, Hinxton and Ickleton with Whittlesford and Pampisford. Petra is currently Assistant Curate at St. John the Evangelist on Hills Road, Cambridge. Her licensing date will be announced in due course.

We are delighted that Petra wishes to join us and we look forward to her creativity, enthusiasm and energy in our parishes.

Sermon for Advent Sunday | Judith Sutcliffe

May I speak in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen

Advent Sunday heralds a season of great richness; it’s a time of preparation, anticipation, and expectation as we reflect on the first and second comings of Christ. Its moods embrace longing and hope. Somewhere beyond the frenetic activity which surrounds us at this time of year, creation holds its breath.

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Gift Day in Ickleton 19th November 10am-4pm

gift-day-flyer_portrait_2016_final_2upPlease come and join us at the church to share some coffee and cake, or if you pop in at lunchtime (12-2pm) you can warm up with some soup!

Gift day is an important day in the church year for us for two reasons – firstly, it gives us an opportunity to review and celebrate what we’ve done over the last 12 months and secondly, it raises a lot of money to support and maintain these activities for another year. So it’s a key part of our cycle of renewal because the church would not survive without individuals giving freely to it.

That free giving can take many forms – all of which we celebrate and give thanks for.

We have many people who giving their time and talents to help maintain the church; decorate for it wonderfully for festivals; clean it; fill it with coffee, cakes and community spirit; sing or play music in it – thank you all.

We have people who give money or goods to the church – regular Gift Aid donations; one-off donations; buying cards or second handbooks; giving to the foodbank; all of this is vital to us – thank you.  

We receive no money from external organisation so our existence is completely dependent on gifts. Please read the enclosed leaflet for more information on our successes and means of giving and please join us on 19th November for some thanks giving.

Sermon for Remembrance Sunday | Judith Sutcliffe

Remembrance Sunday draws human beings together in a way that’s unique. Both young and old gather together across the nation, some with memories of wars in the past, some who are affected by current conflicts. But we can gather to reflect and remember allowing some aspect of the reality of war to touch us. Whatever the memories or knowledge of war is, in the silence of armistice day we can quietly, in our hearts and minds do justice to the cost of war its sacrifice and its shame.

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Youth Group: Food for Thought

The next Youth Group session will be held on:

Sunday 13th November 5.30pm–7.00pm @ Hinxton Village Hall

dec09_jan10-087Please come along as the theme will be advent and Christmas…


…and we hope to plan some contributions to services over Christmas so can you bring your diaries and maybe think about what your favourite carol is?

This will be a parent-free zone!