Sermon on Matthew 17: 1-25 by Judith Sutcliffe

Last weekend we did a mad dash down to Falmouth. We got lost taking James, my son, to the university Campus on the Saturday. Basically somebody ignored the Sat Nav and went across the King Harry Ferry to cross to the wrong side of the river. This meant a divert via Truro on windy country road. Apart from getting Simon in the dog house, as we travelled these country roads we got a glimpse of what is to come, Spring. Being something of a micro climate the Daffodils were out, primroses in the Hedge rows. A real lifting insight of something to come to us so as we are on the cusp of spring.

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Latest pew sheet

Here is the PDF of the latest pew sheet for Hinkledux.
For additional details on what’s happening across the churches visit the calendar.

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Duxford URC host the Woman’s World day of Prayer

The service will be held in Duxford URC Church on Friday 3rd March from 2.30-3.30pm. All are welcome.

The origins of Women’s World Day of Prayer date back to the 19th century when Christian women in the USA and Canada initiated a variety of cooperative activities in support of women’s involvement in mission, at home and abroad. Over the years the organisation has grown and spread internationally into a worldwide ecumenical movement of Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland there are now over 3,000 branches holding 5,000 services every year.

The focus of this year’s day of prayer is the Philippines – Am I being unfair to you?

You can find out more on the website.

CONNECTIONS: the new service at Stapleford needs a youth band

Here’s a date for the diary  – Sunday 23rd April – when the youth leaders and the Rev Simon Taylor will be launching a new 4th Sunday youth service. It’s aimed at young people (aged 9 and upwards) and their families and will have lots of music, led by a youth band.

But to make great music – we need a band! All young musicians are invited to join the band for the service. All you need to do is turn up to the jam session on Sunday 26 February from 3 to 5 pm in St Andrew’s Church, Mingle Lane, Stapleford, CB22 5SY and take it from there.

What this space for more information on the youth service and the related Youth Inc programme.

Sermon on Acts 3:1–10 | Judith Sutcliffe

Every month a small group of people meet to share the names of those who have asked for prayer for healing in the 7 parishes. Sometimes we know the people we are praying for, sometimes not, but it is still a privilege to be a Channel of prayer for somebody in need. Sometimes our prayers are answered and when people are dying somehow walking that journey with them in prayer can be a powerful experience. The Ministry of healing is not performing magic, we do not have healing powers, but we just hand over to God all the needs of others, and it is God that holds the gift his Holy Spirit and of love and healing. It is the power of prayer.

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Youth Inc Sunday 26th Feb, 5.30-7pm, Hinxton Village Hall

Youth Inc is an exciting new Youth programme for children aged 9 years of age and older. The fun packed sessions are led by Emma our youth worker.

In the next session we’ll look at who we can trust in a world full of different people, opinions and facts. With the help of food, games and film clips, we might just find out…

As well as the session for children we have a separate discussion group for parents – so there is something in it for everyone.

Most important is the food – we’re encouraging everyone to bring something to share. A such fire way to get to know each other.

Sermon on 22 January 2017 by Judith Sutcliffe: 1 Peter 1:3–12 and Eccles 3:1–11

We live in a world that is constantly changing and constantly challenging us. The evidence of change is all around us, even the movement between the seasons. We hold fears and concerns and we only have to turn on the TV or radio to hear news to fuel those concerns. We hear of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, ISIS demonstrations and issue over Brexit. From day to day life changes on personal level as well. Sometimes we can be so worried that we ask where God is in all this change.

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