Welcome to our recent newsletter subscribers

In the last couple of weeks we have had an increase in uptake for the weekly email newsletter. So new subscribers please read on to find out how these work.

As a subscriber to the newsletter you will receive an email summary of the latest posts to the website. The email is sent automatically every Friday afternoon. Authors from the different churches ‘post’ their latest news regularly on the website. The hope is that this gives a good insight into the life of each church community. As we no longer have pew sheets the newsletter may also be the best source of information about what’s going on. Information about services can be found on the calendar page. Unfortunately, the calendar information doesn’t make it into the email newsletter so you’ll have to visit the site to check services and locations.


The aim of sending newsletters from the website was to reduce admin burden on the vicar. All emails are generated automatically from updates to the website so reducing the manual activity. It also puts the subscriber in control of what they want to receive and if they want taken off the list.

Finding things

There are a number of tools on the website that let you find things easily. One I use a lot is the ‘quick links’ section which is on the right of the screen below ‘recent posts’. By clicking on a ‘quick link’ you’ll be taken to a list of all items related to that topic.

Newsletter feedback

It would be great to get feedback from users about the email newsletter and the website. For example does it arrive in a timely fashion and can you find what you are looking for easily? Such feedback helps us adjust what we do to match your needs. Please send any comments or observations to Keena.


Author: Keena

Keena is one of the Churchwardens of Ickleton and Leader of the Ickleton Sunday School.