Ickleton Gift Day, Saturday 4th November 2017

Every year as the Churchwardens come to write this article promoting our gift day we are torn between conflicting emotions. One is embarrassment, for again asking people who already contribute so much, to help us further. Another is shame, that we are asking for your support of a building and national institution when there are so many other worthy causes. But every year the overriding emotion is humility, because every year you do support us and show huge good will. Whether you are regular church goers or not, people come and give, and we are profoundly humbled by that.

The church is valued in many ways

A recent survey we conducted established that Ickleton church gives many different things to many different people – some see it as a valuable centre of heritage, some value the regular diverse forms of worship, others just want the festival services, many find it gives fellowship and company in an increasingly isolating world and all value it as a place to simply be in. It’s therefore not surprising that with so many varied needs to meet, we really do need your donations.

It costs ~£105 a day to keep the church open and running – that’s building maintenance, insurance, electric and gas, and payments to maintain our ministerial team and vicar. For that money we have a church that is open to all every day, we run regular services, support children and youth work, build fellowship through coffee mornings and maintain a truly unique building. You can find out more here.

It is through the support, generosity and hard work of the parishioners and people of Ickleton that our church still stands as a beacon of Christian worship and heritage today. Please continue to support it as such into the future.

Join us on Gift day from 10am until 2pm in Ickleton. Refreshments will be served throughout this time, with soup available at lunchtime. Everyone is very welcome, regardless of whether you are bearing gifts!

How you can help

If you can’t make it there are a number of ways to donate to the church:

  • By cheque payable to Ickleton PCC
  • Online via MyDonate for St Mary Magdalene, Ickleton
  • By text: text ICKL17 followed by the amount you want to donate in pounds to 70070. For example, ICKL17 £5 will donate £5 or ICKL17 £10 will donate £10
  • By regular donation via direct debit or covenant – contact Colin Hayes for more information.

Don’t forget that your gifts can be enhanced through Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer.

Thank you
Keena McKillen and Frances Payne, Churchwardens

Author: Keena

Keena is one of the Churchwardens of Ickleton and Leader of the Ickleton Sunday School.