Pew sheet week beginning 25th June 2017

This is the final pew sheet published in this format as after the end of July we will no longer have an administrator to create these documents. Thanks to Glynis for generating these and delivering them to all the churches and everything else she has done behind the scenes as administrator.

You can find all the information on forthcoming services by visiting the calendar.

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Ickleton wall painting preservation activity

The historic wall paintings in Ickleton church are of local and national importance, so their preservation is a preoccupation of the local church. A recent survey of the paintings assessed their state and established actions needed to maintain them into the future.

Good and bad news

The paintings are in a reasonably good state, although the surveyors were concerned about their future preservation, because of the poor state of the windows and roof above them. The windows are leaking, so rain is running onto the paintings on the north wall. These painting include the images of the Last Supper and Crucifixion. The roof of the chancel arch, above the Doom painting, is also leaking so putting this unique 14th century artwork at risk.

Preservation plans afoot

The Parochial Parish Council (PCC) are reviewing the survey and starting to scope repair work. We hope repairs will be covered by a grant, so our current focus is to find appropriate grants to apply for. We have been told that demonstrating the heritage value of the building and paintings to the community can support grant applications, that is why we are launching a consultation to get the views of locals.

Consultation survey

Our consultation survey aims to gather the attitudes of local people to the church, as a worship centre and for its heritage. We also want to find out how people want to engage and support the church. To find out we have created a short questionnaire available on line or in hard copy from Keena McKillen.

If you would like to take part in consultation you can complete the short 5-minute questionnaire which you can access from here. You can also talk to Keena about this at the Ickleton fete which is being held on Saturday 24th June 1-5pm in the village hall and rec.

Become an Extreme Domestic Activities Quad-athlete

About a week to go until Ickleton fete on 24th June and planning is going well. We have a big bouncy castle on order, a coconut shy and the stack of Pimms and beer is building along with preparations for all the other activities.


Extreme Domestic Activities

The highlight of the whole event will be our competition to find the Extreme Domestic Activities Quad-athlete – we have 4 fab round of this competition occurring throughout the afternoon with individual prizes for each round and a grand prize for top athlete across all 4. Extreme domestic activities include:

  • Duvet wrestling
  • Peg wrangling
  • Creative napkin folding
  • Sock sorting

“This is not for the faint hearted!”

Help still needed

We are still looking for helpers and donations. We need donations for the following stalls:

  • cake and produce
  • bottle
  • toys and puzzles
  • books
  • plants
  • bric-a-brac

Please feel free to bring donations on the day or contact Keena.

Whittlesford Community Gospel Choir in concert at Ickleton

Come and hear the wonderful Whittlesford Community Gospel choir in Ickleton Village Hall on Saturday 1st July from 7.30pm.

The choir sing a range of lively gospel songs and spirituals which raise  the roof and the soul. The ineffable Tina Brooks conducts the choir with great vigour and fun so it will be a very happy and tuneful evening. All proceeds from the concert are being donated to good causes – Ickleton church, Ickleton playground and William Westley Primary School.

You’re guaranteed to leave this event feeling positive and uplifted – so it’s a great tonic for the soul. If you want to get a taste of previous events just click here.

Tickets are £8 for adults and £5 for concessions (OAPs and under 12s) and can be obtained from Costcutter in Ickleton or from the online ticket site.

Ickleton fete 24th June – all the usual with a cherry on top!

The joy of a traditional fete, like Ickleton’s on 24th June, is that we have a huge range of stalls run by local people. The aim of the fete is to raise funds for the church, but equally important is having a wonderful family day out together. You can get the latest on the fete line up here.

We’ve therefore got lots of free activities – like the Cambridge University Ceilidh band – where you can come to enjoy the music or have a dance. We have a massive nearly new clothes stall where you can grab a designer bargain. Our huge range of game stalls will keep you and the children enthralled but not break the bank.

The home cooked food we offer is legendary, so whether it’s a burger and beer or tea and cake you know you’ll get something delicious.

We try to ensure that we have priced all the events and activities to be affordable while making a small profit. Please join us for a wonderful family day out while supporting the local church.

Ickleton Sunday School 4th June @10am – Pentecost

Find out about Pentecost. Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it Superman – no, even better, it’s the Holy Spirit!

At this month’s Sunday school come along and think about how the disciples felt when Jesus left then. Do you think they were confused or scared or a bit lost? Well they didn’t have long to wait before something wonderful happened when the gift of the Holy Spirit roared into their lives.

Come and find out more, reveal the hidden Holy Spirit and spin some tongues of flame.

Ickleton church hosts Duxford Forest Beavers

St Mary Magdalene church was teeming with a group of lively Beavers on Friday evening. The Beavers visited the church to do a series of activities towards their faith badge.

Activities included musical balloon prayers, prayers for the world and foil intercessions among other things. They also gave examples of things they had done to help other people. These were collected in flower drawing  and hung on branches.

The Beavers also completed a treasure hunt round the church and received their own ‘we explored St Mary Magdalene’ badges.